T h e   L e a c h   P o t t e r y :   H a n d   H e a r t   M i n d

Celebrating the current studio team of the internationally influential Leach Potteryt

11th October - 23rd November 2019

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THROWN is a contemporary art gallery in Highgate, North London.

Fascinated by this age of alternative medium, the gallery seeks out distinctive contemporary art in its many forms with a particular focus on ceramics.

Thrown represents internationally acclaimed names alongside emerging talent, providing a much-needed platform for makers finding their identity as artists.

C O M I N G   S O O N

T H R O W N   x  
F A B U L O U S 6 9 8 B
Fri 1st & 8th Nov
T H E   L E A C H   
P O T T E R Y :   H A N D   H E A R T   M I N D 
11th Oct - 24th Nov 2019

P A S T   E X H I B I T I O N S

F R O M   T H I S   L A N D
18th May - 22nd June 2019
H I G H G A T E  
F E S T I V A L:
H E L E N   B E A R D
14th - 23rd June 19

F E A T U R E D   A R T I S T


AS SEEN IN HOUES & GARDEN MAGAZINE - ZULEIKA MELLUISH'S collection features white clay pressed with flowers and foliage from the garden and hedgerows in Wales. Having always immersed herself in the decorative arts with a particular fascination in the Arts and Crafts movement, and Persian painting, craft and pottery, Zuleika'sfirst pottery class a few years ago left her smitten: 'Little could beat the age-old alchemy that takes what is essentially earth and transforms it [Read more]


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