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‘From within our modern context of mass-produced ceramics, we strive to make thoughtful and beautiful pots which can cast light on our relationship with daily articles of domestic life. We hope to help attune people's awareness to the subtle ways in which a pot can enrich our everyday experiences, bringing thoughtfulness and human connection into our lives as a whole.’

Having received their basic training in ceramics while at Skidmore College, Meredith and Harry (aka 28a Clay) are a largely self-taught pottery duo who have worked over the past 4 years to establish a pottery in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Their interest in the history and geology of the region has lead them to explore the potential of local clay, stone, and wood ash as the basic materials from which their pots can be made.

'When we set up our pottery in the Catskills, we both became fascinated by the geological history of the mountains, trying to learn about what the earth was made up of here, and how we might use it. While practical considerations have meant that we cannot completely shed the use of some commercially available materials, our aim is to incorporate more and more of the local resources available to us to make our clay and glazes. Right now we are experimenting with a clay that is comprised of 75% local clay dug down the road from here at our neighbor’s farm. No one else is using this clay, so these pots truly are a unique piece of the Catskills that cannot be reproduced elsewhere. While we cannot return to the past, we can try to recover aspects of it which tie us to the earth, and to each other.'


THROWN is proud to be the first gallery to represent their work outside of the US.

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