4th March - 4th April 2021

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The theme of adaption is a natural fit for ceramics - a malleable ball of clay transformed by hand and fire to its final static form. The artists within this exhibition take clays inherent form-building abilities and use this as just the starting point to re-invent. The six featured collections, in their distinctively individual ways, each demonstrate a way of looking which appears to evolve with every piece.


Ruth King’s boundary-pushing vessels have adaption at their core, fashioned from soft sheets of clay cut and assembled to wrap and clothe a space defined by a single drawn footprint or endpoint. A fusion of processes form both Adam Ross and Tim Copsey’s work, distorting and reconfiguring familiar shapes in works which blur boundaries between the functional and the sculptural. HoJung Kim has also created her own material language, appling a mixture of traditional craft techniques and industrial methods to create objects which explore diversity, harmony and synthesis. While the work of Matt Cronshaw (aka Little Torch Ceramics) and Rachel Grimshaw reacts to the material itself: in Matt’s work the rippling of chattering creates porcelain works which appear to make porcelain even more about light; and in Rachel’s, the pliable, immediate qualities in clay are the focus of her meditative abstract sculptures which are prime examples of the expression this material can hold.

Our first digital exhibition as an online gallery, the theme of adaption runs deep. Re-thinking and re-shaping can be found in every inch of this show which we have set up and recorded within a temporary physical space, holding that moment held in time to present to you within this virtual one:

W A L K   T H R O U G H   O U R   V I R T U A L  T O U R

Please note, this tour was recorded before we received the work of HoJung Kim

however her exceptional pots and their important place in the group can be seen in the installation shots below.

I N S T A L L A T I O N   S H O T S