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Antonio Julio López Castro
County Cork, Ireland

"I am Spanish artist and ceramicist living and working at the foothills of the Ballyhoura mountains in north Co. Cork, Ireland. I work in stoneware and porcelain, producing a range of tableware and a collection of bespoke interior pieces and one-off ceramic artworks."

"Coming from a previous fine art background, I studied ceramics at the Crafts Council of Ireland Ceramic Skills course in Thomastown, Kilkenny. In 2020 I received a DCCI Future Makers award and I am part of the DCCI Portfolio program. My work is included in the National Museum of Ireland's collection."

Water dropper, Stoneware, o7.5x8.5cm,  Antonio Julio Lopez Castro, £375.JPG

'Water Dropper', stoneware, 8.5 x 8 cm, by Antonio Julio López Castro

About the Water Dropper series:


"Water droppers originate from Korea, China, and Japan, and were part of the stationary items found in the scholar's studio or 'Sarangbang'. Made of stoneware or porcelain, they were used to pour a small amount of water onto an inking stone. Earlier examples were mostly simple enclosed containers, later evolving into intricately decorated objects, beautifully carved, or made in the shapes of animals. Stationary items such as water droppers, inkwells and brush holders represented the pursuit of spiritual freedom and enjoyment, embodying the dreams, thoughts and ideas of the scholars, and served a dual purpose not only as functional vessels, but also as sculptural objects for aesthetic appreciation."

"I am interested in their small size and enclosed, almost non-functional, appearance. As a maker, they give me the opportunity to playfully explore shape and function at a small scale. Their glazes are an ever-evolving and changing palette, offering me a space for experimentation. All my water droppers are made of stoneware or porcelain, thrown on the potters wheel and individually decorated and glazed, making each one a unique piece. They normally fit in the palm of your hand."


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