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Alexander Aitken
London, UK

"My creations stand as interconnected nodes within a sprawling rhizomatic narrative, an intricate web that constantly shuffles and reimagines existing stories. Themes traverse the spectrum, from the subdued currents of everyday violence to the grand tapestry of agricultural expanses. Yet, each piece is united by a keen observation, a process of remixing, and an amplification of the world that envelops us."

Alexander Aitken is a Ceramic Sculptor and Draftsperson from Kent, living and working in London. He was the RCA Griffin Scholar from 2021 - 2023, on the Ceramic and Glass Masters, winner of the ROSL Prize and part of the RCA SU Collection. Prior graduated with honours from Camberwell College of Arts Sculpture Ba, 2018.



Winter edited-30.jpg

'Vessel', Reclaimed mixed clay and reclaimed studio glazes and oxides, h. 45 cm

Winter edited-34.jpg

"Central to my work is the concept of encounter, channeled through the lens of meta-modernism. I am driven by the intention to prompt audiences into a state of introspection and heightened awareness of their immediate surroundings. I poke at the foundations of the established and normalised, instigating a provoking oscillation of truths. "

"Deliberately, I immerse myself in a speculative history of the shadow landscapes—those of alternative history, folklore, mysticism, faith, urbanity, and ritual. In this realm, truth intertwines seamlessly with fiction, entwining violence, lust, utopia and distopic desire in a hypnotic dance."


"My artistic journey delves into both the individual and the collective unconscious, an expedition to uncover; from the unsightly and uncouth facets of the human psyche to alternative potential of infrastructure."

Winter edited-27.jpg
Winter edited-33.jpg

"My connection with the ceramic lexicon is steadfast, constituting a painterly sculptural practice that challenges and manipulates the tenets of tradition, history, eras, myths, and genres. With each creation, I engage in a stubborn dialogue with the medium, bridging the past and the present, while also pushing boundaries to a realm of unprecedented expression."

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