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& The Sky Was Purple

7th February - 1st March 2020

The sea was green, & the sky was purple
Deep, intense, unfamiliar colours,

Making you feel like you weren’t sure which way was up

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano, Iceland, had erupted in 2010,

While I was working in St Ives

where light always seems somehow stronger than usual,

But this was something else

The thick ash cloud that hung above us,

Reflected, blocked and intensified
Celebrating pink sunsets. And menacing storm greys

I remember a photographer talking, about a photo he’d taken

That his newspaper had rejected, sure that it could only be Photoshop.

It always makes me think about the way we see things,

The way we trust our eyes
The way the world can constantly surprise us,

How one experience changes the meaning of a colour

In Art, there are so many truths, The meaning you can give something
Can be so so far removed from the artists own,

And yet, that’s somehow exactly what it was meant to say


‘& The Sky Was Purple’ explores these individual connections,

A collection open to interpretation

Work that will continue to morph in meaning,

Anchor points to the way we see

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