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Being Human

6th March - 19th April 2020

'I suppose we can all be human without trying. Just existing in a natural, thoughtless state would fulfil our obligation as members of the last in a long line of hominid species. Or we could switch something on in ourselves which could be summed up in a single word: awe. I don't see evidence of this experience in other animals. Only humans get to stand apart from nature to the extent that they can be completely amazed by it and each other. Taking things one step further, we can make stuff: new things with the ability to instill even more astonishment. In particular, works of art can bring us to a buzzing kind of reverence in the contemplation of their existence. I think all I'm ever trying to do in the works I make is record myself being as human as possible.' Tom Kemp, 2020


'Being Human' brings together collections celebrating the human figure, human emotions and how we make sense of who we are.

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