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O n   t h e   E d g e   o f   t h e   L i g h t

29th March - 12th May 2019

A mixed group exhibition opening as the clocks change and the timings of the light dramatically shift in our days. The show will focus on artists reacting to and capturing fringes of light, darkness, shade and haze whether in their subject matter or in their use of materials.

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T o m   K e m p   :   S o l o   S h o w

1st - 24th March 2019

A solo exhibition of new work by ceramic artist Tom Kemp. Since his first weekend course seven years ago, Tom has developed a strong following for his work which has been purchased by collectors all over the world. This new collection will present developments in his work after an influential trip to Korea as well as his recent studio move to his new home in Devon.

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E l l y   W a l l   :   S p o t l i g h t    C o l l e c t i o n

1st Feburary - 23rd Feburary 2019

A highly anticipated new collection of abstract, textured ceramics by Elly Wall. Through intuitive manipulation of the clay and mark making, Elly exploits its material qualities while maintaining a simple, considered form. Wanting to maintain the freshness and rawness of the material, Elly works quickly, incorporating the unexpected or making spontaneous decisions along the way.

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 T h e    L o n d o n    A r t   F a i r  

A d r i a n   H e m m i n g   &    A n d r e w   M a r r   :    D r a w i n g s   &   F r a g m e n t s

1st Feburary - 23rd Feburary 2019

A joint exhibition of drawings and paintings by Adrian Hemming and Andrew Marr. First introduced through their love of painting and leading to a friendship that Andrew has described as 'both wonderful luck and a lifeline', Adrian and Andrew first started working together as mentor and mentee before beginning to exhibit together in their first joint show two years ago. This exhibition marks their third joint show and will showcase new developments in the work of both artists.

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15th - 20th January 2019

Representing new collections by BTM Ceramics, Roger Coll, Tom Kemp, Simon Kidd, Judy McKenzie, Bisila Noha, James Pegg and Shane Porter.

W i n t e r    C o l l e c t i o n

30th November 2018 - 27th January 2019



Our Winter Collection features affordable, original works by over 30 artists and makers. To represent this impressive grouping of work, we have included our pick of the collection below. Alongside enticing pieces by many of our represented artists, we are pleased to be representing our first collections from Hannah Battershell, Emma Lacey , Joseph Ludkin and Becky Mackenzie.

R i p p l e   E f f e c t

9th - 28th November

A group exhibition exploring processes guided both by the artist and their materials.

Featuring Ryan Barrett, Jo Davies, Ryan Barrett, Beverley Isaacs and Matt Sherratt, 


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I n e f f a b l e

19th October - 7th November


A group exhibition  celebrating mark making and expressive approaches

Featuring Helen Beard, Adam Frew, Richard Heeley, Hana Hybs, Hannah Ivory Baker, Paul Treasure and Craig Underhill


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M i c h a e l   R i c e :   

D u s t

13th September - 6th October 2019

A solo exhibition of ceramics and sculpture by internationally acclaimed artist Michael Rice. The exhibition will present the Dubai-based artist's work to London, celebrating his archetypal presence with an intuitive collection exploring form creating form.

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I n t e r n a t i o n a l   

T a b l e w a r e   

C o l l e c t i o n

13th September - 6th October 2019

On our shelves at the back of the gallery, we have put together a selection of distinctive original tableware from our international submissions. The collections will feature work from South Africa, Germany, the USA and Germany.

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International Tableware Collection

13th September - 6th October 2019

On our shelves at the back of the gallery, we have put together a selection of distinctive original tableware from our international submissions. The collections will feature work from South Africa, Germany, the USA and Germany.

September Supper Clubs

Dates TBC

Pop-up restaurant Fabulous698b will be returning this September for two supper clubs dates which we hope to announce very soon.

G r a d u a l

5th - 17th October


'Gradual', referring to the build-up of an artwork and the development of an artist's practice during the years of their degree, presents a group of six recently graduated artists to note - some of whom are already attaining international acclaim.


The show consists of works made in a variety of medium and techniques, including glass, painting, needlepoint and, of course, sculptural and functional ceramics.


Read more and view the full collection.

T h e   L e a c h   P o t t e r y :   

L i v i n g   T h e   L e g a c y  

7th September - 3rd October


Exploring one of the most respected and influential potteries in the world as it is today. 'The Leach Pottery: Living the Legacy' features work by the iconic Leach Pottery's team of production potters both individually and collectively.


Read more and view the full collection.

S u m m e r   S h o w

20th July - 4th September


Celebrating the beauty of every day, our summer show focuses on functional ceramics including distinctive sets of original tableware. From note-able emerging makers to established names, hand-delivered from studios here in London and couriered to our door from as far as Cape Town, South Africa, the gallery is a treasure-trove of enticing pieces made by our makers' hands especially for yours.​

P r i m a r y   C o l o u r

29th June - 18th July


A group show exploring artist's responses to colour and form.

Featuring Nick Bodimeade, Gethin Evans, Rachel Foxwell, James Pegg, Barry Stedman and Arjan Van Dal.

P e t e r   H a y e s

W a n d e r l u s t

8th - 27th June 2018


A solo exhibition of new ceramic sculpture by internationally renowned sculptor Peter Hayes.

This latest body of work presents Hayes’ new explorations with material and process, using these new skills to further explore the limits of his ceramic art, and demonstrates the impressive energy and intrigue of this artist who is definitely not standing still.


8th - 27th June 2018


A group exhibition bringing together four emerging and established artists and makers whose work celebrates the natural properties of clay.


From Lisa Ommanney's textured ragged edge vessels to Tim Lake's fluid pots with 'a subtle beauty that only clay can allow to happen', the tactile new collections within the show will demonstrate contemporary approaches to a material that has been worked on by humans for thousands of years.

S u r r o u n d i n g

S e q u e n c e s

11th May - 6th June 2018


A group exhibition of five artists whose ceramics, paintings and prints centre around architecture and structure.


Featuring Fettle Studio, Kevin Jackson, lazy eye ceramics, John Higgins and Milo Liren Mckeand.

K a l e i d o s c o p e

 20th April - 9th May 2018


A group exhibition, celebrating pattern and distortion


Featuring ERADU Ceramics , Alma Berliner , Regina Heinz and Lauri Hopkins.

I n   S u s p e n s e

23rd March - 28th April 2018


The gallery's inaugural exhibition, exploring distinctive approaches to surface.

Featuring Tom Kemp, Bisila Noha, Charlotte O'Shea, Angela Smith and Alison West.

O p e n i n g     

C o l l e c t i o n

8th - 21st March 2018


Introductory collections by gallery artists for the gallery's launch - giving glimpses of what’s to come throughout the gallery’s ambitious first year.

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