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Sarah Walton

"From an early age I walked, drew and painted landscape, those of the South Downs and Lake District making a special impact. I saw their thinness of soil as a beauty of spareness and it is that quality I've tried to bring to these pieces. I also saw tarns encircled by hills, in low light conditions, glistening silver."


Based near Lewes, East Sussex, Sarah Walton is an artist working in ceramic, oak, lead and cast iron.


Between 1975 and 2019, Sarah produced salt glaze stoneware. She initially concentrated on thrown tableware, gaining recognition for its restrained authority, but in 1985, began developing large hand-built and press-moulded forms for outdoors, notably birdbaths. She is particularly known for her series of birdbaths reminiscent of square boulders, set on timber bases. In those years she also experimented with making sizeable abstract sculpture, using her salt kiln to produce it. She also tried working with cast iron and lead.

In 2019 she went right down in scale and started to make small sculptures inspired by landscape . These are fired in electric kilns .


She acknowledges a debt to mediaeval pots, the arts of Mesopotamia and South-East Asia, to Neolithic Art, to Western Painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, poetry, wit, philosophy and religion, and to innumerable people down the years, especially Weislaw Pilawski, Irene Milburn and Jean Spacek.


Sarah’s ceramics are represented in 15 UK museum collections and numerous private ones.

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