D A N I E L   R E Y N O L D S

“My work is predominately in the field of abstract sculpture and in this respect I feel their function is primarily to enhance and enrich the space they occupy. My kinetic sculptures interact subtly with the space in which they inhabit, capturing light and the gentle motion of the air around them, softly rotating and nodding to the best of late twentieth century modernism.”


“It is my aim that my pieces lend weight and at the same time a kind of joy and peace to a space. Overall I want balance, colour and movement to be expressed through soft edged geometry, where the maker’s hand would be very much in evidence."

Daniel Reynolds is a London-based artist. His work can be found in private collections around the world: from New York to the Bahamas, Melbourne, Nice, London, Miami, Caracas and the Maldives.


Notable commissions include a large kinetic sculpture for the inauguration of the Design House at The New Art Centre, Roche Court in Wiltshire.

G R O W T H   C O L L E C T I O N