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On the Edge of the Light

(29th March - 12th May 2019)

Opening as the timings of the light dramatically shift in our days, 'On the Edge of the Light' focuses on artists reacting to and capturing fringes of light, darkness, shade and haze.

We couldn’t be more proud to be able to present this grouping which brings together 2D and 3D work, emerging and established names, functional ware and sculpture, in exactly the way we want this gallery to be known for.

F E A T U R I N G :

thrown-1 (1).jpg

L U K E   E A S T O P

Luke Eastop's work explores form and material though systematic processes and a dialogue between wheel-thrown objects and drawn, geometric investigations.

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Ceramic sculpure smoke-fired with corn h

K A T   E V A N S

Kat Evans’ asymmetrical sculptures speak of the processes that made them: pinching, coiling and paddling. Hours of careful and deliberate burnishing create a perfectly smooth canvas for a dramatic, but intentional, smoke firing.

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Kerry Hastings 1.jpg

K E R R Y   H A S T I N G S

‘I have developed my current work as an emotional response to landscape, to the shifting seasons and weather and to the moods and emotions that are a causal effect of these.’

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IMG_2287 copy.jpg

P E T E R   H A Y E S

'I think it’s the material that is in charge and it will only let you make what it wants.  It is my job to push it to its limits and somehow an equilibrium is made between maker and material.’

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IMG_2310 copy.jpg

T I M   L A K E

'A variety of different voices inform my work, from East to West, Korea to Marshall, Karatsu to Button. I hope that the combination of these influences and personal endeavour lead to pieces of work that have a subtle beauty that only clay can allow to happen.'

View Tim Lake's full collection


T H E   L I G H T   F O R G E

‘The Light Forge is a studio practice in Cape Town, South Africa, that makes small functional porcelain ware. As our name suggests, we seek to explore the fine translucency of the medium whilst making vessels for daily use which we hope contribute poignant moments of reflection to each day.’

View The Light Forge's full collection


B E C K Y   M A C K E N Z I E

'‘Responding to the materiality of the porcelain clay, this new body of work ‘Unfurling’ references the perpetual motion of nature, suggesting the unfurling petals of a wild flower, the curl of a wave as it laps the shore, the sculptural qualities of coral.'

View Becky Mackenzie's full collection

Brumas III (Haze III).jpg

B I S I L A   N O H A

‘The Brumas (Haze) collection was born of a desire to free my practice from the act of doing and to embrace a state of being. It took me some time to appreciate the value of - and to begin creating - decorative pieces such as these, a value that lies in the pleasure derived from tone and form.’

View Bisila Noha's full collection

P Sparrey 1a.jpg

P E T E R   S P A R R E Y

Peter Sparrey produces finely thrown individual pieces of work using stoneware and porcelain clay bodies, decorated with traditional high-fired Far Eastern glazes including chun, tenmoku, celadon and copper red.

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AT1_2_3 3 stems..jpg

A L I   T O M L I N

‘I have always drawn, designed and painted and love the energy of random lines or marks, from a sketch, painting or just found. I love how just the right simple line or mark can completely change the feeling of a piece.’

View Ali Tomlin's full collection


B E N J A M I N    W A R N E R

"I strive to produce timeless refined paintings. I am very interested in surface quality, whether it is crusty impasto brush marks, or thin scraped back parts of the painting revealing the tooth of the canvas. With colour sitting in the recesses of the paint, the surface becomes a map or history of the painting.'

View Benjamin Warner's full collection

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