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Elena Tamburini
London, UK

Elena Tamburini is an Italian multidisciplinary designer, coming from a background in sculpture and visual arts. Her academic journey led her to Product Design at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan. Afterward, Elena ventured to Melbourne, where her transformative experiences through travel would profoundly shape her vision.



Travelling is a formative experience that allows her to identify the focus of her work and research. Her practice as a designer aims to analyze, and at the same time reflects, on the complex relationship between design and the historical and anthropological phenomena, with an increasing environment-centered approach. 



Winter edited-252.jpg

'Childhood Memories', Terracotta, blu-oltremare glaze, clematis vitalba, created in collaboration with "Ceramiche Giglio" from Montelupo Fiorentino (Firenze, Italy), 23.5 x w. 32 x d. 20 cm


In the series “Le Trecciaiole”, Elena draws inspiration from an ancient and traditional female practice, typical of the Tuscan countryside. The very name, “Le Trecciaiole”, pays homage to the women who once sat in front of their houses, meticulously weaving straw one thread at a time. This collection is not a mere storytelling endeavor; it embodies Elena's commitment to research applied within historical and social contexts. Her mission is to breathe new life into nearly-forgotten techniques of her native Tuscany by seamlessly merging past and present, ceramic and straw, craft and contemporary design in her own poetic way.

The ceramics of “Le Trecciaiole” are characterized by the smooth, earthy red terracotta and the strong sensuality of the “blu oltremare” glaze. The various handles have been handwoven and are made of natural raffia and vitalba. Handmade in Italy, ‘Le Trecciaiole’ aims to acknowledge and highlight the resilience and healing power of women. Each vase references and embodies a different quality of the woman, such as the affection, support and unconditional love that she gives.


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