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F E R N A N D O   G A R C É S

"I had contact with ceramics from a very young age, and I discovered the pleasure of working with different clays and materials, I was surprised by its transformation as it passed through the kiln, the creative possibilities. Ceramics helped me to “understand" the world of art, enjoy the pieces I found in museums, their history..."

"My workshop is dedicated to making unique ceramic pieces using the potter's wheel as the main tool, located in Talavera de la Reina, a world- renowned ceramic production center with centuries of tradition. Apparently opposite materials coexist in my work, from white porcelain to rough clay, enhancing even more, if possible, the qualities of each one."

"The clay, sometimes naked, evokes the colours of the earth, and show the potter's fingerprints as the only decoration. The ash are transformed into glazes, creating rivers, fields, snow, water... The traditional techniques and the surrounding materials make each work unique, they bring us closer to nature, with its own personality."

"The gold inside the pieces is perceived as the glow of lava coming out of a volcano, or the radiance of a lightning in the sky, while at the same time, it roots us with the production of Hispano-Moresque lusterware, or the golden European porcelains. The clean profiles, reduced to their essence and stripped of any distraction, focus on sobriety, tranquillity, rhythm, proportion, and movement, to transmit in a timeless way the essence of an ancient activity. Simple pieces that reflect the personality of the potter, his references, his tastes, his training, and his experience."

Fernando Garcés studied ceramics at the Official School of Ceramics in Madrid. Throughout these thirty years, his work has evolved as a result of experience, study and constant relationships with artists and potters from different countries. In 1991 he joined the "Talavera" School of Art as a professor of Ceramics, of which he was director 2014-2017. His work can be seen in different museums, institutions and national and international collections. Museum of the City of Madrid, Ceramic Museum of Deruta, Italy, Museum of Fine Arts of Kaoshiung, Taiwan, or FLICAM. International Contemporary Ceramic Art Museum. Fuping, China, among others.

G A L L E R Y   C O L L E C T I O N

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