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F R O M   T H I S   L A N D

18th May - 22nd June 2019

Launched at OmVed Gardens, Highgate, as part of the Chelsea Fringe 18th May- 26th May 2019

‘From This Land’ brings together ceramics, textiles and paintings that draw inspiration from and for nature. The exhibition explores the ways that artists incorporate their surroundings into their work, whether in interpreting the natural landscape around them, collecting natural materials to use within their work or creating vessels that bring nature into our homes.

Organised in collaboration with OmVed Gardens, Highgate, for the Chelsea Fringe, the first 9 days of this exhibition also spanned their converted greenhouse exhibition space, just around the corner from the gallery.

S E A R C H   B Y   A R T I S T   /   M A K E R     |     S E A R CH   B Y   C A T E G O R Y


A L I S T A I R   B L A I R

Alistair Blair is a ceramicist, cinematographer and photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. His collection features a series of vases made especially for ikebana as well as lidded earthy forms.

View Alistair Blair's full collection


T O M   C R E W

Tom Crew's new collection of bowls/planters hold potted plants perfectly, their green leaves spilling over Tom’s trademark textured dark edges and mottled white surfaces.

View Tom Crew's full collection


I S A B E L    D O D D

Passionate about flowers and fascinated by their complex forms, Isabel Dodd left fabric designing behind and began to recreate the structures and shapes of individual flowers into sculptural pieces.

View Isabel Dodd's full collection

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A D A M   F R E W

Adam Frew is an acclaimed potter based in Portsewart, Northern Ireland. His work spans from functional homeware to one-off vessels, all with a trademark subtle abstract flair.

View Adam Frew's full collection


L I S E   H E R U D   B R A T EN

'I am informed by details from nature, both around me and from my memories of growing up in a rugged landscape in Norway. I find constant inspiration in craggy rocks, lichen, moss and layered tree bark...'

View Lise Herud Braten's full collection


S I M O N   K I D D

'I strive to create work which reflects my home, pieces which evoke a sense of what it means to be Northern Irish. Pieces which are symbolic of both the country as well as its complex past.'

View Simon Kidd's full collection


L U K E   K N I G H T

Based in Cornwall, Luke Knight's paintings strive to capture a collage of fleeting moments reduced to key elements – the contrast of the light or a horizon line which has been built over time.

View Luke Knight's full collection


J O S E P H   L U D K I N

Joseph Ludkin uses a lot of found and donated materials in his work: he digs local clays; collects river silt for the clay body and slip mixes; and uses ash created from local trees and plants to make the majority of his glazes.

View Joseph Ludkin's full collection


Z U L E I K A   M E L L U I S H

Zuleika Melluish presses flowers and foliage from her Welsh garden and surrounding hedgerows into white clay to suspend ‘impresssions’, with often startling detail, within her vases, plates and wall plates.

View Zuleika Melluish's full collection

IMG_3648 copy.jpg

L I S A   O M M A N N E Y

Lisa Ommanney's overarching aesthetic is informed by the relationship between the human and natural worlds and the synergies and dissonance between the two.

View Lisa Ommanney's full collection


A N D R E A   R O MA N

Andrea Roman's 'Gradient' collection features 10 sets of small vessels thrown freely with 500gr of clay each. An increment of 2% of terracotta was added to 50 balls of 1 kilo white stoneware in order to get 50 different kilo balls...

View Andrea Roman's full collection


S A M A N T H A   S I L V E R T O N


By capturing the essence of a place, working from a series of moments, relying on memories and emotions evoked, Samantha Silverton explores mark making with a vibrant and intuitive energy on both paper and fired earth.

View Samantha Silverton's full collection


A L I SO N   W E S T

Alison West collects natural materials from around her home in Dartmoor to pack a saggar (a container) in which her pots are buried and fired slowly, permeating the clay and creating unique, unrepeatable surfaces.

View Alison West's full collection

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