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Heather Gibson

Heather Gibson’s ceramics explore the threshold between art and the everyday object. With an intimate focus on traditional hand building techniques and experimental glazing, her functional forms are juxtaposed by bold, sculptural and dynamic surfaces.

Drawing inspiration from ancient pottery traditions as well as the monumental ceramics of abstract expressionists, such as Voulkos and Tiffoche, Heather’s approach to making is both spontaneous and alive. Often beginning by striking, carving and faceting a block or a thick slab of clay, found objects such as old tools, driftwood and broken pottery are used to create unique surface histories. Through a process of digging the final form is gradually uncovered. Vessels are hollowed-out - kurinuki style. A careful alchemy of slips, oxides and glazes are applied, often poured across the surface. Through this method she invites risk into her work, encouraging the true nature of clay and its ability to give something back - something beyond our control.

By exploring clay as a canvas for trace, memory, and mark making, Heather hopes to capture a history in the object, reminiscent of the cycle of time and the natural aging process. 

Heather Gibson is a ceramic artist living in North London. Her artworks span large scale ceramic wall pieces, sculpturally carved vessels and tableware. Having originally trained in Photography at Nottingham Trent University, she now works predominantly in clay.

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