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H E L E N   B E A R D

'My ceramic work combines my sketches and observations of our everyday lives with a simple and fresh domestic pot. Looking at people, their actions and their surroundings, I illustrate the funny things from the way we live that bring humour and joy. Using my pots as a canvas, I boldly draw directly onto the white porcelain clay body. The forms and illustrations are sympathetic to each other, both with a nature that is slightly naïve. Each pot has a character of its own, some are whimsical, some cheeky and some are nostalgic, each telling their individual narrative.'

Helen studied at Edinburgh College of Art (1998-2001). Following college she worked as an apprentice within the studio of Edmund de Waal before setting up her own studio 18 months later. Her highly collected work has been exhibited internationally.

C U R R E N T   W O R K

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