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H Ü S E Y I N   A R T I K

Hüseyin Artik is an artist and potter from Bursa in Turkey. 


He has gained an international reputation working with brands around the world  designing and making individually designed collections.


His strong visual aesthetic always focuses on clean, crisp lines and measured proportion. His work is characteristically minimal and monochromatic. 

Throughout his career Hüseyin has gained expertise working in many different clays from a beloved natural clay he digs close to his home through to the most complex of clays to work in - porcelain. 


In his current work he has focused his making on just using porcelain, where he pushes the material to its absolute limits with complex large scale bottles and strong curvaceous bowls.

C U R R E N T   W O R K

M O R E   I M A G E S 

A S   S E E N   I N 

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11th Sept - 25th Oct 2020

'Prism' features eleven ceramic artists who together demonstrate a mastery of light and colour. Each of the brand new collections have been hand-selected for a bold use of or an absence of colour, filling our space with a contrasting spectrum of soft lines and bold tones.