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Imogen Charleston
Dorset, UK

Imogen Charleston is a ceramic artist based on the Dorset coast. Her forms are imbued with the narrative of the landscape, incorporating foraged materials and wild clays. The raw materials used – clays, rocks and plants –  have all been gathered and processed by hand, inspired by traditional methods. Work is mostly thrown then altered, either on the wheel or when leather hard the surface is carved to create rock like textures. Pieces have been fired in a wood kiln, or an anagama to around 1280c for up to 45 hours. 

After leaving school she gained a BTEC in Art & Design from Bournemouth & Poole College of Art (now AUB). She then went on to study electronics, and had a career as an engineer for over 10 years. Imogen also collborated with artist Nic Rawling and co-founded  The Paper Cinema, who have toured their live animation shows internationally since 2004.


Feeling a need for change, in 2007 Imogen went traveling. The trip included a 9 month journey around Japan, and further 4 months in New Zealand. It gave her a wealth of experiences and opportunity to meet local communities. During this time she came to rediscover her passion for clay, and in 2012 graduated with BA in Applied Art & Design.



Winter edited-131.jpg

'Mini Moon Vase, Wheel thrown and altered stoneware clay. Local rock glaze, layered in fly ash.

Fired in an anagama for 40 hours , h. 6.5 cm

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