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Indrė Aleksiejūnienė
Vilnius, Lithuania

"I am mostly inspired by nature. The forest floor, the bottom of the lake, the meadows in the distance."

Indrė Aleksiejūnienė is a potter from Vilnius, Lithuania. She holds a masters degree from Vilnius Academy of Arts. During her studies and after, she has devoted time to searching for new forms, colours and techniques in ceramics. She works from her studio at home: "This is my little oasis of artistic creation. I do the firings in the village of my dreams."

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'Beetle', hand-built white clay, underglaze and glaze,

h. 18 x w. 11 x d. 5 cm

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What’s been the biggest challenge in your work?

I: The challenge of creation is creation itself. Putting together thoughts, discovering shape, colour. I am very happy when something that was born in an idea comes to fruition.

What was your first artistic experience?

I liked to create since childhood, my parents noticed this and sent me to an art school. Art school had ceramics classes, which I honestly didn't like very much. I fell in love with ceramic art only when I was a third-year student at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Can you tell us more about the work featured in our Winter Exhibition?

In my work, I mostly depict nature. She occupies a big place in my life. I would really like the forest, that's where I get inspiration to discover forms and colors.

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