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J A K E   S T E V E N S O N   G R I M B E R G

"The hulk and mass of the man-made environment dictates and defines much of our existence within the city sphere and as such Jake’s work may be seen as the physical results of an attempt to make sense of the world and our surroundings rather than a specific indication of meaning."


"Drawing on his own confrontations with mental health issues, much of the work explores the specific story of an individual in the hope that we may actually see something of ourselves in the work and, like looking at our reflection, be confronted by what it means to be living here and now."

Jake Stevenson Grimberg is a London based artist working across ceramics, sculpture and painting. 

Utilising text, imagery and abstract forms Jake's varied practice interrogates both the intensely personal and broader urban lived experience in a contemplation of the universal human condition. 

G A L L E R Y   C O L L E C T I O N

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