C. Kat Evans Ceramics | studio | 2019 |

Photography by Lucy Ridges.

K A T   E V A N S

For the exhibition 'Gatherers' (May 2020):


I always loved Braque’s collages and Rauschenberg’s combines. Bringing everyday objects into an artwork. Giving us pieces of our own world to see with new eyes. Ending the pretence that one person makes things by themselves.'

'More recently, I have discovered Lowndes' sculptures. Although still recognisable, the objects she finds are physically transformed by a firing process, introducing another kind of distance, and an element of chance.'

'The materials I gather do not continue to exist as part of the work. As they burn, they leave traces on the surface of the pieces. But these marks are hard to read. Rather than directly referring to their origin, perhaps they record the moment of this change, when something physical becomes smoke and ash?'

'Is that the difference between an object and a material? Objects have a shape, are countable, and specific whereas materials, whether used to form a piece or as part of the production process, are general and indistinct.'

'Objects within collage, assemblage, bricolage shout to you. Look at me! Look where I’ve come from! Materials are changed and it’s not always clear how they arrived.'

'But I can tell you.'

'Three streets away a man who carves puppets collected wood shavings in a plastic bag. On the Stockport Road, the baristas of Trove emptied their used coffee grounds into my box. In a lean to beside a house in Cheadle, Sarah hung hydrangea heads upside-down to dry. In Gorton, the TreeStation manager generously shovelled wood chip into my rucksack.'

Kat Evans creates tactile ceramic sculptures that speak of the processes that made them.

Her ambiguous, and yet intimate, smoke fired objects have been shown at Thrown Gallery (London), Salone del Mobile (Milan) and Napé Gallery (Venice). Work has been purchased by collectors in New Zealand, France and Canada, and interior designers in Paris, Miami and Milan.

Community-taught, Kat has developed her practice in shared studios in London, Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester. Informed by Richard Sennett’s ideas on cooperation, Kat believes in the benefits of sharing equipment, ideas and space with others.

C U R R E N T   W O R K 

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M O R E   I M A G E S 

Photography by Lucy Ridges.

A S   S E E N   I N 

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16th May 2020 - end date tbc when lockdown ends

Gatherers is a digital and physical exhibition by OmVed Gardens, Thrown and Metafleur. The exhibition showcases a group of artists with distinctive connections to their materials.

Foraged, dug, cut and collected, the materials used by the artists and makers are not just about form, but are a way of exploring their surroundings; unique stories revolving around a sense of place.


Thrown x Boundary Gallery

at the London Art Fair

22nd - 26th January 2020

We are pleased to be collaborating with Boundary Gallery for their stand at the prestigious London Art Fair where we have curated a special collection of contemporary ceramics in response to their impressive collection of Modern British art. Find us at stand 49.

View collection online
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Q&A: Kat Evans

Interested to know more about Kat's relationship with clay and the path that has taken her to such a distinctive form, we sent her a series of questions and were captivated by her poetic replies.


On The Edge of the Light

29th March - 12th May 2019

A mixed group exhibition opening as the clocks change, when the timings of the light dramatically shift in our days. The show focused on artists reacting to and capturing fringes of light, darkness, shade and haze whether in their subject matter or in their use of materials.