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22nd - 26th January 2020

‘From This Land’ brings together ceramics, textiles and paintings that draw inspiration from and for nature. The exhibition explores the ways that artists incorporate their surroundings into their work, whether in interpreting the natural landscape around them, collecting natural materials to use within their work or creating vessels that bring nature into our homes.

Organised in collaboration with OmVed Gardens, Highgate, for the Chelsea Fringe, the first 9 days of this exhibition also spanned their converted greenhouse exhibition space, just around the corner from the gallery.


T O M   K E M P 

Tom Kemp is a mainly self-taught artist, who started throwing six years ago. His work stems from a fascination with writing which has led to vast explorations of calligraphy, in particular Roman sign-writing. This developed into using brushes to create more abstract marks.

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G A B R I E L E   K O C H

Gabriele Koch concentrates on simple forms, trying to integrate balance and tension, stillness and movement, precision and spontaneity, expansion and the containment of volume. Koch’s most recent work sees a shift from low-fired earthenware to high-fired stoneware, combining rough black clay with white porcelain.

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IMG_6844 copy.jpg

P E T E R   S P A R R E Y

Peter produces finely thrown individual pieces of work using stoneware and porcelain clay bodies, decorated with traditional high-fired Far Eastern glazes including chun, tenmoku, celadon and copper red.

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M I C H A E L   R I C E

Michael Rice is an Irish Maker who specialises in ceramics and glass. He is particularly interested in firing procedures such as Raku, Smoke and Saggar firing; his work is also concerned with surface, texture, natural geometry, gestalt principals and archetypal forms.

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Sacred Stone - D.Griffin.jpg

D I A N E   G R I F F I N

This series of sculptures explores ideas of inherited or passed down traditions and beliefs relating to cultural identity and our human desire for a sense of belonging. These dynamic sculptures have a transient feel to them while exploring concepts of fragility, weight and balance.'

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A. Kat Evans | smoke fired ceramic sculp

K A T   E V A N S

Pinched, coiled, paddled, Kat Evans’ ceramic sculptures are formed with rhythm and joy. Defined edges and generous contours slowly emerge from the clay. Gently burnished, the surface becomes a perfectly smooth canvas for an intentional smoke firing.

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R O G E R   C O L L

Every single sculpture I make is part of my own language that I´m developing. Each sculpture is like a word that helps to define it. In that sense, if the works are like words of my own language then terms like scale, texture or colour are elements that help set the tone.

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M A T T   S H E R R A T T

Space, time, material and attention are vital elements in Sherratt’s work. His forms are shaped to balance aesthetic surface tension with framed spaces. The play between negative and positive shapes is important and he creates lines for the eye to dance over, flowing between surface and space, edge and void.

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