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L A K R I S T A   M O R T O N

"The Birch Collection stems from testing and building an intuitive understanding of silver birch ash as a material. Each piece is finished in a glaze which features a minimum of 30% silver birch ash and only one to three additional materials to allow for a focus on the quality and essence of the ash. It is a collection to reflect the different seasons of birch and other flora that are often found on their branches and intermingled with their roots."

"Working with different wood ashes that I collect and source myself, I aim to create tactile, varied surfaces on functional ceramics. By using the ash from my woodstove and the ash generated as a bi-product from a local wood-fired pizza business in my glazes, I make use of a humble material that would often otherwise go to waste. I use slow, systematic methods like tri-axial and line blends to test simple combinations of materials to identify the proportions of each which best illustrate the qualities of the ash. Through this careful, methodological approach, I work to create surfaces that retain a natural spontaneity and that have a quiet, reflective quality."

"I started working with ash glazes in 2020. I focus on creating finishes and surfaces which involve collecting, processing, and systematic testing of found and collected materials. I am also a post- doctoral researcher at the University of Aberdeen and the methodological approach I have developed in this work features significantly in my ceramics."

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