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L A R I S S A   W A R R E N

‘Wild Women, Wild Clay’ is driven by my fascination of the minerals and clays underneath, the layers of the earth and how we uncover them. Echoing my local landscape and using raw volcanic clays from Tamborine Mountain, geological metamorphosis and history underwrites many of my concepts. During the last 3 months I have researched female potters from the 1940’s-80’s who lived in unique isolation here on the mountain; dug clay from their backyards and sold works from their home based galleries. Having located some of these original sources of clay and now making with them, I have become immersed in their stories, as Covid -19 life has begun to parallel with these past times.’

Larissa Warren (aka Ratbag Studios) is an Australian ceramic artist who has her own unique approach to clay. Through her work, she  investigates transformation and the possibilities in materials. With a passion for traditional Japanese nerikomi techniques, Larissa creates engaging surfaces by combining translucent porcelain, colour, raw stoneware and minerals.

C U R R E N T   W O R K 

M O R E   I M A G E S 

A S   S E E N   I N 

Gatherers artwork final copy.jpg


16th May - 28th July 2020

Gatherers is a digital and physical exhibition by OmVed Gardens, Thrown and Metafleur. The exhibition showcases a group of artists with distinctive connections to their materials.

Foraged, dug, cut and collected, the materials used by the artists and makers are not just about form, but are a way of exploring their surroundings; unique stories revolving around a sense of place.

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