L E O N I E   S T A N T O N

‘My work explores scale and a sense of solidity and quiet, inspired by my childhood in North Yorkshire.  I achieve this by balancing volume and proportion with the outline of the piece and its surface; juxtaposing flat hard edges against rounder softer surfaces.  This creates tension between the clarity of the form and the finish of the piece.  I work in series, forging collections of responses and often add handmade coloured oxide grogs and molochite to the clay, which imbue a sense of permanence. I often polish the surface with diamond pads and only part glaze or underglaze, creating a chiaroscuro effect.  I frequently throw double walled forms, generating forms where you would expect to see the interior of the vessel.’

Leonie Stanton completed a BA and MA in History of Design before studying BA Painting at Wimbledon School of Art and then a Two Year Diploma in Ceramics at City Lit College, London. Her work has been exhibited across the UK including selection by Hole & Corner for the British Craft Pavillion at the London Design Fair.