L I S A   O M M A N N E Y

Lisa Ommanney is a Hackney based ceramicist making functional and sculptural hand built pieces. She studied Fine Art at London Guildhall University.


Much of her work is built with rough, groggy clays, and she frequently leave sections of a piece unglazed, highlighting the contrast between the glazed and naked surfaces. 


Her overarching aesthetic is informed by the relationship between the human and natural worlds: the beauty and brutality of nature; the messy geometry and cyclical decay of cities; the synergies and dissonance between the two. The coexistence of these worlds, and specifically the parallels between their visual languages - pattern and repetition, growth and decay - form the spectrum within which she works.


She also has a strong interest in ancient and primitive clay work, and often incorporates rough textures and patterning into her work.

C U R R E N T   W O R K