bloomen #40 set .jpg

L U C I A   Z A M B E R L E T T I   
(z a n e l l a z i n e   c e r a m i c s)

“Growing and changing are two key words in these challenging times and nature provides us the greatest examples.” 


“Mushrooms, for example, come in so many fantastic forms and colours, they have a great iconographic  power which create immediate emotional connections but I also recently discovered that not only they can communicate with each other but they are one of the few forms of life that can actually adapt and grow in any sort of  environment, even when us humans ruin it.”

“My pieces come naturally from my hands, out of instinct and intuition. My approach has been raw  and pure without a real knowledge of the ceramic world, its cultural roots and traditions; I look at  nature and get inspired by it: I don't draw anything, I just manipulate the clay, pay attention to its  suggestions and live the present."

“I also value imperfection which is a distinctive concept both in nature and in ceramics, I like to  underline it in my works because it is how I mostly feel as a human being.”

Lucia Zamberletti is a Italian ceramic artist who has shown her collections across Europe and in the USA. ‘Growth’ is the first exhibition of her work in the UK.

C U R R E N T   W O R K