M A R C O   B E L L I N I

"An object alone is like a word out of its context: we can define its meaning but likely it won't elicit any emotion within us. My vessels work the same way: depending on the lighting, the context and the space they're placed in, they inspire different emotions. So my pieces are relationships: the object, the scenery, the light and the person observing are all bound to relate, or there won't by any real communication."

Born in 1977, Marco lives and works in Camino, Italy. After classical studies, Marco got a degree in Philosophy and worked as a book editor. In 2003 he got a Master degree in Computer Sciences and worked in IT for 8 years. After quitting his job, he went traveling around the world for one year. He’s been studying wood since 2011, working full time in his own studio since 2016 as a wood sculptor and turner.

C U R R E N T   W O R K