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Marta Lorca
Madrid, Italy

"Emotion is the place where all my artworks come from. I work intuitively, unleashing into pieces my energy and intention at the moment of creation. Each one collects its own character and history through the stages of the process. When I create my artworks, I connect with the nature of the clay itself. I embrace the experience to understand its limits, dealing with its drips, pinholes, fragments, and giving them the right to crawl. My forms are very much inspired by nature. I daily observe landscapes in my surroundings. I mimic the rules by which they are governed, and so respond to an inner impulse of interpretation of my connection with the earth, by means of clay."


Marta Lorca was born in Madrid in 1968. A self-taught artist, she began using ceramics as a means of expression in 2003. For more than 25 years, she combined linguistic work with the comprehensive and independent management of art projects, coordinating and curating more than 40 international exhibitions. Meanwhile, she was training as a ceramicist and studied at Hoyo de Manzanares Official Ceramics School.


In 2015, she took a turn in her career and decided to dedicate herself professionally to ceramics, approaching the artistic field from the other side. She set up her studio in the northwest mountains of Madrid, where she still resides.

Starting by creating sculptural tableware, from small bowls shaped like an oyster or flower to large vases or trays that resemble cliffs, manta rays, branches, flowers or algae. Little by little, she accumulates a peculiar trousseau of beings, vegetables, unstructured, irregular, baroque objects,full of life and eclectic colors, which form the corpus of her work.


Marta participates in projects with other artists. Among the latest, Queridas Viejas, by the plastic artist Maria Gimeno, a project, subsidized by the Madrid city council that passed through the Prado Museum and has been exhibited in several art spaces in the Community, as well as in private galleries and art fairs, in different parts of Spain and abroad.


Commissioned by the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, she has made unique pieces inspired by a painting by Max Ernst, which were exhibited at the Museum on the occasion of Madrid Craft Week 2023. So far, she continues collaborating with the museum with other interpretations of paintings from the collection.



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