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M A R T A   D E R V I N

"This collection is inspired by rocks and textures that I find in my environment as well as artifacts that I have excavated as an archaeologist."

"The enamels created are the result of my own research on geology, the material that I have the passion to collect, grind, sift and then invent my recipes."

"fukai "deep" in japanese expresses my desire to create deeper, more spiritual pieces, which like the bottle thrown into the sea sends the message of respect for the living, with the material which tells a story of the past of the earth and the human being."

Archaeologist by training (graduate of master 2 in mediterranean archaeology), Marta Dervin created her ceramic workshop in France in 2018. Self-taught, after a theoretical knowledge of the manufacturing process of ancient ceramics, she put her hands in the ground and shaped her first pieces in 2016. She followed several professional training courses and was welcomed by several ceramists to acquire the knowledge necessary for the creation of ash enamels and wild rocks.

G A L L E R Y   C O L L E C T I O N

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