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N A D I R E   G O K M E N

"Fascinated by both materials and surface, my process led practice is inspired by observations of our man made, material environment.

"The urban landscape is simultaneously dotted with traces of our presence in, and separation from nature. Orange hues that stream the exteriors of steel, to darkened stains on a wall that suggest the recurring passage of water exist now, as traces, that physically display an action or the progression of time.The creation of the collection, 'Rust Print', was prompted by a desire to not just mimic these traces but to physically capture them.


"Rust Print, is a slip casting process that has been developed to allow the rusted surface of steel to be directly transferred onto clay. Existing both in sheet and tube form the steel is used as an intermediate material to capture both the human movement of an urban environment and the effects of weathering that accompany. The objects are then slip cast from the steel with the aid of a part plaster mould."

"The clay is high fired, turning rusts ephemeral patina into a permanent trace on the clay body. Hung on the wall, the objects elevate these mundane marks, highlighting both their existence and otherwise overlooked beauty. The collection demonstrates the development of this process to a refined technique, that is awaiting completion in the form of a final collection,Sections. Sections consists of a series of architecturally influenced forms that carefully balance the smooth surface of high fired clay with heavily rusted transfers, collected from the placement of steel sheets fixed to various surfaces found around a city."

Nadire Gokmen graduated with a degree in Three Dimensional Design from Manchester School of Art in 2020. We are thrilled to have announced her as the winner of our Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award at New Designers 2020.

G R O W T H   C O L L E C T I O N

M O R E   I M A G E S

A S   S E E N   I N 

Stellaria V 25cm H x 25cm W AH.JPG

15th May - 13th June 2021
at OmVed Gardens, Highgate

Our third collaborative exhibition with OmVed Gardens for the Chelsea Fringe, Growth brings together works in ceramic, wood and mixed media to give a focus to the unseen.

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