N I N A   S A L S O T T O   C A S S I N A

Nina Salsotto Cassina's 'Unurgent argilla' project is about clays and rocks foraged in the wild, by hand and in small quantities, worked into “site-specific” spherical vessels at the pottery wheel.

The aim is to convey a spatial and geological narrative with vessels made of a specific place earth and rocks, abstracting as little as possible from their origins. 

The volcanic collection is a visual and physical study of volcanoes. The rocks were foraged while Nina was living in Italy, Guatemala and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The vessels are made of stoneware on which crushed volcanic rocks are melted in the kiln at high temperatures, in a  process similar to the geological one that formed them in the Earth’s crust. The liquid appearance of the rock glaze is an immediate reminder of the fire and heat that made both the lava rocks and the vessels.

Nina started her project 'Unurgent Argilla' project in 2019. This collection mixes her volcanic rock series alongside her wild clay series which centered around South-East England - foraged single samples of wild clay formed into a single moonjar and single fired with the goal of maintaining imperfections and abstracting the vessel as little as possible from its original earth. 


Nina works exclusively at the wheel and mainly experiments with wild clays foraged by hand in small quantities. Self-taught, Nina is also currently a politics doctoral student at SOAS and applies her training in research and academia to ceramics.

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