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N I N A   G E R A D A

My art recalls memories of spaces, textures and historic artefacts. I search for balance and imbalance, explore solid and void, create silhouettes and in-between spaces. At the core of my work is a quest to understand identity. I continually draw from the nostalgia and forgetfulness that comes from the ebb and flow of migrating. Carved, cut, torn, weathered, a subtractive rather than additive process, echoing the limestone spaces and rock pools of my childhood. I liken the scars of the landscape to those of the body, motherhood and motherland. Temples are wombs, columns are injured spines. Repetition frees the hands, puts the mind in a meditative state and allows the subconscious to lead the process. 

Materials are given autonomy to reveal their essential qualities. I work automatically, alternating between fast and playful to slow and precise. Playing with control and the relinquishing of control to create opportunities for surprise. Surfaces are embedded with an energy that speaks of risk and volatility. The artworks have both power and humility – groups of small elements form collectives - both held and beheld. Elements of lost languages are found and forgotten spaces explored.

C U R R E N T   W O R K 

M O R E   I M A G E S 

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