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P A U L   M O R L E Y

Paul Morley’s ceramic work is hand-built using slabbed construction methods. His work is developed from small 2D abstract collages and paintings.


Paul tends to work instinctively from his 2D collages without any tight parameters on final outcomes, eliminating any preconceptions of 3D solutions until he is in the moment of making. Pauls work is concerned with the interchange between 2D and 3D abstractions.

Having previously had a career as a land surveyor for 20+ years, Pauls work took him to many unusual places; abandoned industrial sites, factories and farms that were dilapidated and in need of regeneration. Pauls interest in ‘objects’ was formed through seeing the concrete structures that had once carried or housed industrial machinery as pieces of sculpture in themselves. Many of these sites were also graffiti artist’s playgrounds which added colour to these now derelict monuments.



The work tends to be semi-architectural, based on his curiosity of soviet bus stops, lido diving platforms and pylons. Constructivist, Brutalist and Futurist movements inform his work, along with geometrical art, cubism and abstract expressionism.

Paul graduated in 2016 with BA (Hons) in 3D Design and Craft at University of Brighton. His ceramic work is handmade in his Brighton studio, mainly consisting of limited edition, one-off and non-functional sculptures.

G A L L E R Y   C O L L E C T I O N

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