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12 Christmas Gift Ideas

Excited to see snow in London, we couldn't resist making the most of it to bring some Christmas gift ideas to you.

12: The Light Forge Cups and bowls made for winter glows as well as summer sunshine, £30-£42

11: Karl Sebastian Bottle and cups, functional while also also no doubt works of art, £24-£95

10: Sydney Alts Nerikomi Earrings, £25 each pair

Always bringing joy, hand-painted and hand-built and thrown 3D illustrations in porcelain, £80-£320

8: (L-R) Ben Sutton, Roelof Uys, Anna Badur and Tim Lake Individual cups, full of artistic personality in hand-held form, £18-40

7: Zuleika Melluish Startling details of nature imprinted in ceramic vases and pebbles, £35-£295

6: The Leach Pottery Adding beauty to the everyday, Mixing Bowl Set (Set of 3) and Prepping Bowl Set (Set of 3), £55-£95

5: Kirsty Adams Moon Jars and Chilli Flake Bowls, striking to look at but also so tactile, £30-£350

4: Becky Mackenzie We could happily photograph these all day, impressively wheel-thrown bowls, £45-£70

3: Annie Smits Sandano Love every colour-filled angle of these painterly vessels, £125-£150

2: LaKrista Morton Just waiting for hot porridge or to be filled with shiny sweets, Sphagnum and Lichen Bowls, wheel-thrown with silver birch ash glaze, £36-£38

1: Adam Ross 'Faceted Bottle' - unique and surprising, all you could want from a gift, £180



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