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A glimpse of what's to come

It was love at first sight when I received the first image of this altered bottle by Adam Ross - that distinct outline immediately drew me in. But then it arrived, and I fell even further. The tenmoku glaze changes in tones with the light from this deep dark brown to honey, giving even more depth to its surface. From each different angle, you get a new appreciation for its lines and the way they appear to flicker over its expansive yet shallow form.

We appreciate there is no better way to experience these pieces then to have them right there in front of you but we hope that the way that we present our brand new online exhibition 'Adapt' will serve as a good second. We have been busy setting up this exhibition to be recorded for our brand new virtual viewing room, showing the six brand new collections on show together as a curated group as well as with all of their unique detail individually.

Tomorrow our temporary space will be recorded in every inch and then all will be revealed when the show launches on our website this Thursday, 4th March, at 7pm.




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