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A thank you to all who make Thrown

Wow, what a weekend. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the opening of our new show ‘From This Land’ in collaboration with OmVed Gardens for The Chelsea Fringe.

It was immensely exciting to open the show and introduce everyone to what we’ve been working so hard to put together and to show the amazing synergy between our artists work, Omved Garden's beautiful surroundings and Aya Tanaka's ikebana arrangements. The opening also made us realise how many wonderful people we’ve gotten to know since opening just over a year ago. There’s even more of you online who may not be able to come along in person but are always kind enough to send us messages and connect in with what we do too. So thank you to all the people who make Thrown - the artists that always amaze us with the new levels they’re continuously taking their work to and also our supporters - buyers, admirers, likers - because you’re the reason we get to do what we do.



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