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Bringing together our online Winter Exhibition

Bringing together all of the selected work for our upcoming Winter Exhibition, it’s exciting to see the creative experimentation that can be seen in material right now. This impressive collection features artists between different medium as well as artists collaborating to bring different ideas and skills together.

Eileen Ng, as one of the many stand-out examples, graduated with a first class honours in Ceramics from UEW in Bristol. It was there where she discovered her passion for texture and form, taking inspiration from nature and flora to develop sculptural pieces in porcelain paper-clay and with wicker.

Since then, her fascination with vegetation and plants along with her curiosity for experimenting with different materials has led her to create botanical art in paper, wicker and wire.

In her original sculpture Untitled (in image), paper and galvanised steel wire are skilfully crafted to bring together sharp lines and soft shapes, combining all the beauty of a natural form and all the awe of the undoubtable hand of an artist.

"With the choice of materials, I feel there is a fragile quality yet full of life, which for me reflects a part of what winter is.” Eileen Ng

See Eileen Ng’s work as part of our online Winter Exhibition 22/23 which opens on our website on Thursday 17th November at 7pm.



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