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Savouring Time

With less than 24 hours to go until the launch of our big online Winter Exhibition - coming to our website at 7pm tomorrow - I realise I should be posting an energetic countdown however instead feel myself drawn to the curled up bundle of soft texture that is Anna Simson's sculpture 'Dormant'.

Unfired, the vulnerable feel of this creature-like object is reflected in its material - 'given to water they would return to clay and become earth once more'. It's part of Anna's most recent work, a body of unfired pieces in an abstract response to Gaia's creatures, habitats and formations, often hollow with a sense or sound of loss or what is left behind. Each piece fits in the human hand, 'small enough to be held, large enough to be noticed and easy enough to be cast aside'.

There's so much poetry in a piece like this: even amongst the frantic final touches of 24 hours to go, it's a small but powerful reminder to savour time.



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