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Sending us scattering

Updated: May 1, 2019

For me, this vessel by Tom Kemp, has always been an explosion in the centre of his collection, the graphite marks flying outwards in every direction into this space of expressive, flowing marks. And yet I’ve just had the most wonderful conversation with one of our visitors about how peaceful and stilling they find this piece, completely absorbed by the detail of each single mark and the rhythm as it builds up and dissipates around its surface. The difference in these interpretations is one of the reasons I love abstraction and the emotions and experiences that can be triggered by the same starting point - a series of marks sending us also in every direction.


Image above: Vessel, wheel-thrown stoneware with graphite marks, by Tom Kemp with an original painting by the artist behind as part of his solo exhibition (1st - 23rd March 2019)



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