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The Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award at New Designers

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Image: Rust Prints by Nadire Gokmen

Always an exciting moment receiving the submissions for our Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award at New Designers which we have been eagerly looking through this week. It's always hard to describe exactly what we're looking for from the graduates, the brief states a distinctive voice, whether in the form of tableware, sculpture or something quite different. It's basically something that makes us stop in our tracks - like we did with Nadire Gökmen's work, our award winner last year.


Thrilling to see Nadire's work have the same effect on others as part of our recent exhibition 'Growth' at OmVed Gardens. Her Rust Prints, that immediately drew us in on first look as part of her submission for our prize, have been explored further in this specially created collection that explores surface, material and often overlooked beauty. The exhibition has now closed physically however there's still an opportunity to view the work via our website. Definitely an emerging name to take note of! We highly recommend stopping to take it in.




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