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The Influential Leach Pottery

It would be a complete understatement to say that hosting our exhibition 'The Leach Pottery: Living The Legacy' has been an honour. This show has meant so much not just for the gallery but also personally.

A little jar by Kat Wheeler was one of the first ceramics I ever bought, on my regular hikes up in the hill in St Ives to the Leach Pottery on breaks from one of my first gallery jobs. As I fell deeper and deeper into my fascination with this art form, the Leach Pottery and its weighty influence was always just one reference away. And when I took the first steps to go it alone, not entirely sure in what way but knowing that it had to involve ceramics, I found a single space in the Leach Pottery’s course list (perfectly lining up with plans to return home to Cornwall for a break) and sat at a wheel in Bernard Leach’s old studio for a week, both clearing my head and filling it at the same time.

To stand, almost exactly a year later, in my own gallery at the opening of the Leach Pottery’s exhibition was an overwhelming moment and one that I will truly never forget.

Image: the Leach Pottery stamp on a Leach Studio faceted vase in the gallery as part of our exhibition 'The Leach Pottery: Living The Legacy' (7th September - 3rd October 2018).



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