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We live such lives that it can be easy just to grab things

We live such busy lives that it can be easy just to grab things. And so, when we sit down to eat a meal that someone has lovingly prepared, or use a bowl, plate or cup that someone’s hands have made for ours, it can feel like a truly connecting moment. This chance to stop and enjoy the details that someone has created is exactly the idea that formed our supper clubs. Our potters and chefs have spent time discussing the menu, exchanging their individual perspectives on their signature ‘dishes’ and then making - prepping, throwing, chopping, glazing... to create a moment where we get to stop and connect back in for an evening, enjoying every inch of our lovingly crafted plates. Image: Plate by Roelof Uys, Lead Potter of The Leach Pottery, and broad bean hummus starter by Fabulous 698b. Captured so perfectly by Emily Manos Photography.



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