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Winter Exhibition Focus: Kertsin Pilliard

''With my work I want to immerse and envelop the viewers in a particular atmosphere, filled with emotions and thoughts. By being surrounded by colorful golden maps with fantasy-landscapes and travelling in time to the remote past of ancient epoch, I want to spur their desire of freedom, experience solitude and be aware of the place of human beings in their environment, their identity in a fragmented and more and more isolated and individualistic world.'

Kerstin Pillard was born 1977 in Paris, France and raised between Stockholm, Sweden and South of France. She received a BFA in 1999 from the Contemporary Art School, Villa Arson, Nice, France and a MFA in Art History in 2005 from the University of Montpellier, France. She lives and works in Northern Sweden.

Since childhood, she has felt divided between the introspective, solitary culture of the vast Swedish landscapes and the more emotive character of the French. Her work embodies this personal sense of ambivalence. She creates paintings notable for their luminosity, texture, and sculptural presence. Nature, light and the effects of time are very important in her work.

She has exhibited extensively in Europe and in large metropolis in the United States. Her work belongs to public and private collections worldwide and has been selected to be shown in galleries, art centers and museum.

We are delighted to be representing a selection of Kerstin's paintings within our current online Winter Exhibition. View her collection here.



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