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Winter Exhibition Focus: Ralph Shuttleworth

Ralph Shuttleworth is a wood sculptor and designer, who uses movement within wood to form sculptures with intriguing, elegant forms. His contemporary style draws on both traditional woodworking techniques and modern technology to create unique gestural pieces.

Ralph's work is a collaboration between natural processes and human involvement, in order to create sculptures with a clean yet organic feel, allowing the wood to inform the final shapes.

This Gestures series uses black walnut wood, which is bent by hand into free form shapes, using a technique which heats up small sections of the wood to allow the sculpture to slowly emerge as the curves and twists are formed by hand.

Ralph has been sculpting wood since 2016 and has exhibited in galleries and exhibitions across the UK, including London design Festival and Handmade in Chelsea. In Summer 2021, Ralph graduated from Nottingham Trent University in furniture design and was featured in Crafts magazine as one of the top graduating designers. He now works from his studio in the Sculpture Lounge, in West Yorkshire.

View ‘Gestures in Walnut #1’ by Ralph Shuttleworth in our online Winter Exhibition which can be viewed on our website until Sunday 30th January 2022.



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