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*Please note, this artwork is being represented directly from Gugi's studio in Portugal and therefore deliveries to all addresses are stated as 10 working days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is. If you would like to check on delivery timings or would like help finding out about import tax, don't hesitate to get in touch.*




Acrylic on canvas, unframed

H. 160 x w. 160 cm


Please note, the images showing the frames are to give an idea of framing options for this work which is unframed.



About Gugi Goo:

"My artistic practice is based on an intuitive research of the deepest, most intimate layers of my own being. I am interested in the possibility of expressing the most profound human emotions and ideas through the filter of my personal experiences and perceptions. Since my creative process is very expressive, I usually work on big canvases which allow me more freedom and space for experimenting. My main 'tools' are color, light and gesture which I use to create my own language and open the view to some different reality. For me, art is the pure essence of life."

"Life inspires me to create. Connection between people, human condition. I may feel inspired by a situation or just by feeling. Lyrics inspire me the most, phrases that remain deeply engraved in me. Often those words and letters appear in my mind, resound in my body. I want to show the sensation and connection of powerful words and fluttering energy with rhythm and space through the use of multiple layers."

"My ultimate accomplishment would be to be able to change other people’s inner world and to color the emptiness in their lives, to put smiles on their faces and a little bit of music on their walls. I would like that one who sees my works, feels secure and knows that there is somebody else who feels the same in this alienated world which we are all part of."


Academy of Fine Arts, Serbia
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera,Milano,Italy- Master program in painting,
Academy Theater of Scala, Milan, Italy, special make-up fot theater and cinema

Alberi Viola (Invisible Words) | 160 x 160 cm | By Gugi Goo

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