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Woven fabric pleated, sculpted and hand-stitched to stretched canvas in a deep wooden box frame with non-reflective art glass

Framed size: 43cm x 43cm x 7cm


Hannah's ‘Ammonite Shadow’ series is inspired by the sculptural qualities of Ammonite fossils. The pleated forms spiral and curve, creating contemporary textile fossils. Different lighting conditions transform the sculptures, amplifying their structure. As sunlight moves across them, it casts a series of changing shadows throughout the day. Directional artificial light creates dramatic shadows, extending the silhouettes and creating crisp graphic outlines.


As the woven patterns follow the undulating contours, distinctive markings appear, akin to the patterns found on the surface of shells. The blue/green colours seen in Ammonite Shadow: Ardescia Swirl reference the hues created by copper mineral deposits found in rare ammonites discovered within specific rock substrates.



About Hannah White

The interplay between structure and material, form and light, is central to Hannah White's practice. Her sculptures evolve through a process of manipulating her bespoke woven fabrics into organic forms, allowing the qualities of the cloth to influence their shapes.


Hannah's artworks aim to connect the viewer with the sensory qualities of materials through exploring the visual transitions created by the impact of light upon her textile forms. By drawing the onlooker in to look closer at her intricate sculptures, Hannah's work encourages a greater connection with the materials that surround us.


Hannah White (b.1976) holds a 1st Class (Hons) Degree in Textiles Design (1998, NTU), an MA Design for Textiles Futures (2001, Central Saint Martins) and a Doctorate in Textiles (2019, Royal College of Art). Her work has been exhibited at Collect International Art Fair for Contemporary Craft and Design, The Royal Society of Arts, Contemporary Applied Arts, Gallery 57, The Bonington Gallery and The Lace Museum in Calais, France. Awards include a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) Scholarship (2022), a Theo Moorman Award (2022), a DYCP Arts Council England Award (2019) and a Royal College of Art/ London Doctoral Research Centre Award (2015).

Ammonite Shadow: Ardescia Swirl | 43 x 43 cm | By Hannah White

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