Aortic No. 4 | By Lucy Ocejo

Aortic No. 4 | By Lucy Ocejo


Sanded Red Clay

H. 12 x W. 13 cm



About Lucy Ocejo

I am a Mexican artist working in London as a full time potter. I began working with sculpture when I moved to Boston for my undergraduate degree. I turned to pottery, the language of the hands, to connect with histories and peoples, to access knowledge passed down from one set of hands to another and transcend borders and time. My personal work is inspired and aims to pay tribute to the ceramics created by Mixe women in Tamazulapam, Oaxaca.


The Aortics came to be after exploring my own identity. The series gives expression to my cultural background by marrying my discipline on the potters wheel with the freedom of form in sculpture. Collectively, the pieces form a system of spouts and bodies, finding balance in their multiplicity. For me these vessels embody a more personal metaphor regarding my own nomadism as a Mexican artist working in the United Kingdom. They work like transplants, extracted from one culture and introduced to another - hearts given to a foreign body.



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