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Stoneware, paint, laquer, wood

H. 24.5 x w. 26 cm



About Abigail Brown

"Through all my work I celebrate the joy and fascination in the Animal Kingdom I’ve carried through from childhood, a never-ending sense of awe and wonder.  Animals represented both in their true form and colour, and as anthropomorphic beings - in theatrical costumes, as spiritual figures in acts of ceremony, as storytellers and protectors, or as a medium onto which I project the human experience."


"I work with textiles, paper, wood, clay and metal - fascinated by new materials and processes, fuelled by a hunger to explore what’s possible in a new medium and where it might take my ideas."


"A deep-rooted interest in different cultures and ancient civilisations feeds into my work. My travels to far off lands and discoveries of the arts and crafts produced in those places are of great inspiration to me. Lovingly collected and brought home, they form a joyous collection of animal friends that fill my flat and prompt new directions for my work. "


"Greatly concerned with species and habitat loss, my art aims to highlight the plight of the natural world from human interference. Recycling plays an important role in my practice, repurposing as much as possible materials such as old clothing, used cardboard, found wood and discarded objects washed up on beaches or littered streets. There’s a delight for me in the sense of soul a used object has, a glimpse at the life it’s had, the stories it carries, all feeding into the new life I create."


"A fascination with ancient civilisations and the artefacts that have survived them, is the greatest inspiration behind my ceramic collections. Items visibly made by hand and worn by time, precious objects that depict spiritual beings and vessels for ritualistic ceremonies, the influences span the globe and millennia, and are translated into my own visual language."


"With no formal training in ceramics, I work intuitively with the clay, applying the basic skills learnt through evening classes to build and colour the forms. Not knowing the rules or limitations offers me great artistic freedom to explore my ideas and see where the failures and successes lead me."


Abigail Brown was born in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1981, and spent much of her early childhood years in the care of her maternal grandma who worked as a seamstress. Her grandma’s treadle Singer sewing machine and scrap bags of fabric became familiar friends and imprinted the life of a maker upon her.


She completed her BA in Surface Decoration and Printed Textiles in 2003 and worked initially as a print designer and a children’s book designer before embarking upon a career as a self-employed artist/maker in 2007.


From a studio at the renowned Cockpit Arts, Abigail launched her fabric and paper works: fabric bird sculptures, animal art dolls and paper mâché animal heads, which have been sold and exhibited around the world, featured in numerous books and magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle Decoration. She has produced her varied collections for Liberty -London, Paul Smith, Anthropologie, Takashimaya NY, Barbour and ZSL.


Over the years Abigail has expanded her choice of mediums to include cardboard, wood and ceramics, exploring larger scale works and installation, but her focus on the animal kingdom, concerns for the natural world, and a preference for working with found and recycled materials remains constant. 


Recent exhibitions include ‘Story Tellers: Puppets by Artists’ at Cavin Morris Gallery, NY, virtual exhibition ‘Illuminating the Beauty of Science’ with Suboart Magazine, and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023, London.

Bat | 24.5 x 26 cm | By Abigail Brown

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