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Coil-built ceramic

H. 32 x w. 32 x d. 14 cm



About the 'Beacons' series

This collection of candle holding sculptures was created through manual ceramic construction using the coiling technique. This being the case, each piece is unique. Through the pieces, Ruth Maria explores balance through form, creating small bases that hold large shapes that bloom dramatically.

The act of lighting candles incentivises the creation of a tranquil moment within the home and an invitation to fully exist in the present. These pieces invite reflection, reward being present and honour a home space in a unique and intimate way.



About Ruth Maria

“Growing up in a heavily industrialised city with a focus on mass production, it has been a challenge to question the way in which objects are built. Living and working in Japan, Australia and London has given me the opportunity to discover what it is to be a ceramic artist. And in my work, I seek to embrace aspects of expressive art and purposeful design. I bring a creative freedom to my work and seek to challenge orthodox notions of utility. I see weight, texture and shape as aspects to be dictated by my own sense of creativity and less bound by convention.”


Ruth Maria Robledo is a Designer born in Monterrey, Mexico. Her practice is currently located in London, after having completed a Master’s Degree in Design focused on ceramics at Central Saint Martins. She uses clay as a way of expression and seeks, through her sculptural objects, to provide a sense of peace and balance.

Beacon 8 | H. 32 cm | By Ruth Maria

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